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  • Dr. SPM Civil Hospital
  • Dr. SPM Civil Hospital

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Dr SPM Hospital reflects excellence of medical care to general public in Utter Pradesh. Over the period of last several decades health service and technique of treatment have undergone sea changes. With advent of revolution in information technology both people and medical professionals hav e changed their attitude towards doctors and medical care. Many laws and rules have been made to maintain discipline both for service provider as well as those being served. India specially UP is hospitals doctors and paramedical staff availability per person is quite inadequate resulting in pressure of work on the hospitals and staff working there.
Our present government headed by Honorable Shri Yogi Adityanath as CM and visionary Health minister Sri Jai Pratap Singh and his very efficient official team headed by principal secretary. The health is a priority in the CM's agenda and many policies have been introduced for the benefit of poor people and those below the poverty line. UP can boast as Asia's largest 108 and 102 free ambulance service, free hospital charges investigations for which people had to pay previously. Dr SPM Hospital being a premier government hospital of the capital is serving the need of all range of public ranging from a destitute to those holding high position in power corridor.

The DrSPM Hospital boasts many such facilities not available in any other government hospital in UP liked plastic surgery an Burn unit,CAT csan and Digital Xray facility ,Blood bank with blood component separator unit, 24 hour Hour ICCU unit a pediatrics department with availability of cardiologist and pediatrician round the clock etc. Many other facilities like pediatric ventilator unit Rain basera for the patient's attendants is under process. There is no space available in the hospital for further expansion so handing over the neighboring information directorate building is in advanced state.

All the doctors and the staff of the hospital are dedicated and experienced workers work hard to meet the expectation of the public and this is the preferred hospital for not only Lucknow but also those coming from far flung areas of the state. Let us hope this will go on further and support of government Dr SPM Hospital will remain as a shining star hospital of UP.

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